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Health, Safety & Environment:

The mind and activity of our crew is conducted strictly in accordance with H.S.E. regulations. We believe that health and safety is an all encompassing phrase that includes not only the health and safety of people and process but also the health and safety of the environment. We believe that the health of one of the parts insists on the health of all of the parts. Because of our commitment to this philosophy a consideration of environmental safety is integrated into our services. Peysang Consulting Engineers believes its employees are the greatest assets of the company. And Peysang is committed to providing its employees with the safest working environment and the highest level of training possible. Peysang Consulting Engineers safety philosophy is that no job is so important that we can not take the time to do it properly and complete it safely. This philosophy enables Peysang to deliver the highest quality services to its customers and the best possible returns for its shareholders. It is Peysang aim to: provide a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards; provide accident prevention programs and systems; and comply with applicable national and international regulations. Understanding that safety, accident prevention and environmental protection are operational responsibilities, this philosophy requires all employees at all levels to be responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses, property damage and environmental accident through the use of good judgment and the diligent and consistent application of company guidelines and procedures. Employee safety performance will always be a major consideration in decisions affecting promotions, salary actions and continued employment.